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While investigating the murder of a thief and his missing haul of black opals, Goldie and Christey stumble upon an unexpected love triangle.

With Rachel away, Frank and Helen investigate the disappearance of an environmental activist who they believe is responsible for an explosive protest that put one man in hospital.

Stephen Dunne Pippa Grandison A spate of armed hold-ups have Goldie and Jack chasing a robber dressed like a cowboy from the wild west. What's on TV, Alexa? You see her breast in a well lit scene and you see her getting on top of the dude. Trina the natural nude. Raelee hill nude. What starts as another ordinary day at the office ends in the death of a Goldie a much loved rat. Tayler falls for a handsome man named Brett Boyce, who is an operator of a water taxi company.

Frank and Rachel investigate the shooter, a supposedly happily married real estate agent who in fact, is leading a double life. Investigating the murder of a wealthy businessman and the apparent kidnap of his second wife, Jeff Hawker is reacquainted with a woman he once loved but lost to another man.

Frank and Rachel investigate a domestic dispute when a woman claims that her husband stabbed her. Jack believes he has discovered the identity of Goldie's killer, but his only clue may just slip through his fingers. Holloway and Goldie's partnership is shaken when a third detective, Michael Reilly, is assigned to the Water Police.

Other pairs also don't quite match, and the partners begin to change one another. The actors who played the brothers in this film really make it. Pics big tits porn. Things for Dave aren't helped when the Water Police are assigned to contain a media frenzy as teen pop sensation Milkshake film their latest music video on the harbour.

Boarding the yacht they are shocked to find a bloodbath; two dead bodies and a badly injured woman who makes a garbled statement about "the man in the moon" before dying. Tommy's relationship with Rhonda comes to a tragic end.

While awaiting word about Kevin, Frank and Rachel investigate the death of an animal smuggler whose body was pulled from the harbour with unusual wounds. Steven becomes a workaholic to block out his feelings about Melissa and Rick becomes a spineless bellboy at the Hotel de Love, after a later girl friend stood him up at the altar.

Member Login Sign in not a member? Jeff is surprised when a psychic tells him she has had a 'vision' about a missing girl. Early on a rain-swept morning, the detectives are called out to a waterside warehouse where a distraught security guard has shot an escaping robber. When a cruise ship with mostly rich people on board enters Sydney Harbour, Rachel and Frank uncover a possible jewelry heist that is about to take place.

Just as he's about to make his move, his twin brother Rick gets to her first and they fall in love. Meanwhile, Helen is promoted to the rank of Senior Sergeant. When armed-robber Kiwi Dave pins Frank to the ground, holds a gun to his head and pulls the trigger, his near-death experience leads him on a one-man anti-gun campaign and a journey of self-discovery. Unfortunately though, he can't save her life. Frank takes Rachel out to dinner, trying to shift his relationship with her to a bit more of a personal footing, but his efforts are thwarted when an old friend calls her for help.

Yes No Report this. While attempting to apprehend two fleeing armed robbers, Frank is shot and is rushed to hospital. Booty humping lesbians. Frank and Rachel try to solve the mystery of a woman found floating in the harbour. Christey feels responsible when a grieving woman, whose brother was killed in an armed robbery, takes the law into her own hands and holds him and a suspect hostage.

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Danny is a student whose girlfriend is writer Zoey.

The boy's murder bears a striking similarity to another boy's death thirteen months earlier. Free lesbian compilation. Knocker and Kevin from Homicide are called in to assist the detectives in their investigation of the death of an Iron Man competitor, whose shark-ravaged body was found washed up on a beach. When a man is killed by a speed boat deliberately driven into the back of his vessel, the detectives are unsuccessful in getting witnesses to come forward to testify when the person responsible is identified as one of Sydney's most notorious crime figures.

A burning body is found floating on a sail board in the harbour; Jack Christey recognizes the work of a killer who is still in jail; did Christey convict the wrong man? Just as he's about to make his move, his twin brother Rick gets to her first and they fall in love. Inspector Tony Brady of Internal Affairs and Homicide's John Harrison head up the task force named Kilo Hotel, which has been formed to investigate Kevin's death, now believed to be murder.

When a body that was cut into pieces is pulled from Sydney Harbour, and is found to be that of a Melbourne woman, Rachel and Frank travel to Melbourne to investigate. Fearing that Jordan may have witnessed his mother's murder, the detectives are desperate to find him before he is killed as well. It raises questions as to whether police may have arrested the wrong man. When an accident pins a pregnant woman's arm underneath a boat, Rachel, the Nemesis crew and the divers have no choice but to deliver her baby underwater as the tide comes in and submerges the woman.

Frank and Rachel investigate the shooter, a supposedly happily married real estate agent who in fact, is leading a double life. Will he have to arrest his own son? When Rachel stops her from jumping off a cliff, a bizarre string of events follow and it soon becomes apparent that not only is Sarah toying with Rachel's emotions, she is possibly involved in a murder that is being investigated by Rachel and Jack. Terry and Dave deal with two best friends who have been plundering a shipwreck.

While investigating the murder of a thief and his missing haul of black opals, Goldie and Christey stumble upon an unexpected love triangle. Peter dinklage naked. Raelee hill nude. When Frank goes on an overseas attachment, Rachel has difficulty adjusting to her new partner, Tom Clancy, after the two are thrown together to investigate a mysterious drowning. The Nemesis crew are called upon to rescue a sixteen-year-old boy who is attempting to sail around the continent.

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Hill takes her top off in front of the protagonist of this movie when he tries to talk to her about his present for Saffron Burrows' character.

First appearance of Allison Cratchley as Emma Woods. Packages of drugs found floating in the harbour keep the dive team busy as Dave tries to ease a shaken Sam Bailey back to work after the death of a fellow diver during a competition. Feature Film votes. Sam Bailey competes in a diving competition which ends in tragedy.

A drug raid on the boat of Jim Pappas, the chief suspect in Kevin's death, ends with Pappas being shot and killed by Knocker. Dave is injured by a spear from a booby-trapped sunken car loaded with stolen gold. Rachel quickly sets aside her wine taster persona and turns professional in her detective role, putting her relationship with Michael on the line. Dragon ball z nude porn. Rachel and Helen investigate the disappearance of a young girl and the subsequent murder of the woman suspected of her kidnapping.

In a tense operation, he criss-crosses the harbour following the extortionist's instructions before making the final drop-off.

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Sexy girls in bikini porn The Nemesis crew come across a man attempting to bury the body of his murdered brother-in-law, but the story he eventually tells the detectives does not match the evidence found at the crime scene.
Nude pics of raylene A grisly case hits home when Jeff Hawker's wife, Gail, becomes the target of a vicious serial rapist and killer.
College girl first fuck Frank and Rachel are joined by an Asian crime specialist from Task Force Oak to help them with the investigation.
Escort girl in the philippines An old police friend of Frank's is caught up in a drug dealing operation that uses an ice-cream boat, and its ice-cream, as a cover.
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